Discover award-winning beauty products from all around the world, with highly concentrated active ingredients and luxurious textures. Treat your skin to the purest beauty care our nature has to offer. In our Cologne shop you can find authentic brands, niche products and insider tips in an exclusive environment.

‘Pure is perfect’ is our guiding principle for selecting the brands that we stock. We believe that we don’t need anything else than what nature provides for us.


We are quite a bit in love with our assortment: the hand-picked olives from Liguria (Bottega Organica), the slowly distilled rose petals from Scotland (A.S. Apothecary), the certified organic argan oil from Morocco (Kahina Giving Beauty) – do we need to say more? It is such a pleasure to see with how much love and care the active ingredients are selected, concentrated, and processed into the wonderful textures that now sit on our shelves.

NEW IN STORE__ The Red and The Nude by Kjaer Weis

AWARDED__ Best facial oil ‘enchanted’

AVAILABLE ONLY ONLINE__Ringana Frischekosmetik

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Pure is perfect – that is our guiding principle. We are convinced that the plants themselves contain all the beautiful ingredients that we need to treat our skin respectfully. We believe that petroleum derivates do not belong onto our face and silicones not onto our hair. We know that our beauty can thrive without exploiting our nature. Sustainable farming, recyclable packaging, highly effective recipes and precious design – all of this is possible in a cream, a serum, or a shampoo. Without harming our health or our environment.

Julie Shines: Luxury Cosmetics


That means: no article in our assortment contains nasties such as parabens, phthalates, PEGs, silicones, petroleum products, paraffins, nanoparticles or synthetic colours and fragrances. Instead, most of them are certified organic, often vegan and, of course, never tested on animals.

In our shop we only use green electricity and care for a carbon neutral production of our bags. We are also striving to become a completely CO2-neutral retailer. Beauty at the expense of nature is not an option for us.

Julie Shines: About Uli, photo


On a summer day in 2006 I sat crying in the car of my then-boyfriend and refused to get out. The reason: a bright red, burning, dry, and painful mark on my cheek. The diagnosis of my doctor the next day: rosacea. That was the beginning of my personal odyssey. I don’t remember how many creams I tried the following months – with antibiotics, with cortisone, with everything my doctor asked me to try. In the end I threw it all away. Instead, I started to really look into the ingredients of the beauty products I had been using. That became my turning point to natural and organic cosmetics.

Today, I am in control of my rosacea. It did not disappear, it is more visible when I am under stress or suffer from sleep deprivation (which is what happens quite often when you have a baby at home). But I managed to reduce it to a level at which I am not suffering anymore. I look at my skin, I notice its condition – and then I do something good for it. And this good thing comes from nature. Whether it’s a soothing toner with lavender, a hydrating mask with aloe vera, or a serum with pure jojoba oil.

With all my heart I would like to invite you to try it out – I look forward to advising you!

P.S. Meanwhile, the boyfriend of back then is now my husband ☺


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